July 27, 2016

Guest spot on “The Gooder Guys”

For those of you who miss the melodious sound of my voice, you can listen in TONIGHT, as I am the guest on “The Gooder Guys” podcast. It’s broadcasting outta Royal Oak from 9:00-11:00 pm (EST), and I’ll be on there saying god knows what, because I’m a bit of a blackout talker.

You can listen to the livestream here.

And you can call in with pointed questions at: (248) 579-5295

Who knows what will happen? Not me! No idea! But everyone always says I’ve got a face for radio. Talk to ya later!!

Image lifted with much love from Calvin & Hobbes (please don’t sue me!!! I love you!!) Also, shout out to Susan “Susie” Dirkins. You are probably an astrophysicist now and Calvin is in jail.

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