August 9, 2016

The Printer’s Devil at Scarab Club @ CultureSource

We may live in a post-print, digital world, but our ability to so widely distribute writing and visual ideas is due to the invention of various forms of printing. While digital technology has surpassed analogue printing techniques as the premier form of informational communication (when was the last time you received a printed invitation that wasn’t for a wedding, in contrast to the constant stream of Facebook evites), printed matter nonetheless holds a crucial place within the graphic arts, historically, aesthetically, and even politically. For those looking to enhance their knowledge of various print forms—or simply revel in a lively collection of works by 26 Detroit-area print artists—set a course for the Scarab Club, where a group exhibition, The Printer’s Devil, opened on August 3rd and will run through the 27th.

The show was curated by graphic designer and illustrator Stephen William Schudlich, who cultivated relationships with many local print artists through his work teaching Illustration and Graphic Design at College for Creative Studies and at Wayne State University for more than 10 years. “In this time, I have met many skilled artists of all kinds and mediums, both within the institutions as well as in the communities that surround them,” said Schudlich.

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