August 15, 2016

RaRoCo at Simone DeSousa Gallery @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — It’s an art world convention for conceptual art to be disruptive, or at least leave the viewer feeling unsettled, somewhat uncomfortable. An entirely separate, but no less pervasive, convention places a great deal of importance on the role of the solo show in the career of an artist. Currently on display at Simone DeSousa Gallery, RaRoCo is an amalgam of the first names of the three participating artists — Rachel Reynolds Z, Robert Zahorsky, and Corrie Baldauf — and it outright rejects both of these basic precepts.

Instead, the artists decided to have a yard party.

“Taking time to celebrate is important,” reads the gallery guide accompanying the display of individual and collaborative works that populate the main gallery, the secondary and newly-minted EDITION space, and the sidewalk courtyard connecting the two. “The value of this may reveal itself in the process of doing the work to schedule and prepare for a yard party or festival.”

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