December 2, 2016

Maake Magazine – Issue 3/Greg Fadell & Tyanna Buie

Very excited to announce that issue #3 of Maake Magazine is on the virtual stands today, and available here for your purchase. This issue is my first partnership with Maake, and I created two interview/essay pieces featuring some treasures of the Detroit art coral reef: Greg Fadell and Tyanna Buie.

Maake Magazine is an online gallery and print magazine showcasing the work of emerging artists. Our goal is to exhibit innovative and experimental contemporary artwork and foster conversation and community. As the art world becomes more diverse we hope to support the expansion and reinvention of traditional disciplines of art and making, where media and methods converge and cross boundaries to create unique combinations. We explore the place where fiber, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, painting, digital, design and more come together to create exciting and groundbreaking work. We also actively promote the work of featured artists via social media, printed issues of our magazine and on the blog.

If you’re not familiar with Greg or Tyanna’s work, here’s a great way to get to know them, and to support an emerging publication with strong aesthetics and a noble mission. Pick up your copy today!

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