December 3, 2016

This Saturday & This Saturday & Next Saturday & Sunday

Hello! If you think you’d like to see me or my art today, there’s a couple opportunities. First of all, I’ll be over at Public Pool from 1:00-6:00, making coffee for you (BYODonuts and also BMDonuts plz, thx) and presiding over Girlfriend Material, so come on down and have a look!

The Disease Cycle, 2016, Wool, ink, thread, beads, quilt binding, label tape, specimen mounts, 16x12" (each)

The Disease Cycle, 2016, Wool, ink, thread, beads, quilt binding, label tape, specimen mounts, 16×12″ (each)

If you want to see my art, but not me, and also later in the day, you should head over to Simone DeSousa Gallery, where there is a special Noel Night opening happening, which features the EDITION 2016 – PRINT group show, of which I am a lucky participant. You can check out The Disease Cycle – which was featured in this week’s gallery newsletter – and a bunch of other amazing art at a variety of accessible price points for your holiday shopping needs! Whoo!

Already have plans this weekend? No problem. Next weekend also provides a range of opportunities for you to encounter me and/or my art!


If you want me to make some art for you and be able to buy it at an astonishingly low price while also benefiting a great art organization, on Friday, December 9th, I’ll be on the 8:30-9:30 shift at this year’s Monster Drawing Rally at the MOCAD. It is always a good time, and a great way to pick up affordable original works by some of Detroit’s best and brightest artists. Start your collection!


Then, next Saturday and Sunday I’ll be doing two days of art demos on “Personal Applique” at the Detroit Institute of Arts!

Join writer and inter-media artist Rosie Sharp for an afternoon of contemplation and creation, which will include a survey of some of her fiber works, a demonstration of the process by which she creates original and salvaged applique details, and an opportunity to create a work of your own, as a standalone piece or seed of a larger composition! Materials will be provided, though you are welcome to use this opportunity to transform a beloved piece of clothing that has outlived its usefulness as a garment.

Fabric has a tremendous capacity to retain memory and personal energy—think of the way a garment retains the smell of a loved one, even when they aren’t present. The energetic investment that we make in various garments can be retained in the form of quilts and other fabric-collage forms. One entry point into this process of salvage and creative repurposing is the creation of unique applique elements.

My work combines elements of traditional hand-sewing, formalist composition, and salvage quilting to create fiber works that depict scene of personal and iconic significance. These pieces are in conversation with the history and labor of quilting as an art form, as well as other traditional hand-sewn semiotic practices, such as the Fante Asafo flags of coastal Ghana. My works combine old materials and new, including contemporary imagery created by screen-printing, found embroidery, and salvaged t-shirts.

These are drop-in events that run from 12:00-4:00 on Saturday, Dec. 10 and Sunday, Dec. 11. Please feel very encouraged to come by, take a look as some of my work, and learn how to make something yourself!

But wait, you’re saying. Aren’t you a writer? I do not like your art, only your writing. Are there any opportunities for me to hear you read your creative writing, which roughly four people really enjoy?



If you don’t know by now, GTWB are just what they sound like – good food, good writers reading good work, good tymes [sic]! I’ll be reading, but the real excitement is that we have visiting reader Donald Ray Pollock, Detroit superheroine Airea “Dee” Matthews (who’s gonna put us all to shame), and the incomparable Vincent Massimino on turntables. That’s Saturday, December 10, from 7:00-10:00 pm at Public Pool. More info here.

Okay, call me what you will, but don’t say I’m inaccessible. Hope to see you someplace where I am too!

Featured image: (c) 2016 Jeff Cancelosi

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