January 28, 2017

Coming March 2017: SPLIT from Fiction & Feeling Press

“You were married?” is a thing people often say, when it occasionally comes up. I’m not sure why that’s especially surprising—a lot of people were married, at one time—but yes, I was married for awhile. It didn’t take.

I’m tremendously excited to announce that an essay I wrote about my marriage and divorce was chosen for inclusion in the forthcoming compendium, SPLIT, from Fiction & Feeling Press. They just released the author preview and pre-order page, and I am staggered by the talent pool I somehow fell into, here. The book features 15 essays about divorce written by 15 divorced writers. It’s a sexy line-up, and not to brag but I’m the only author with a last name in past ‘J’ in the alphabet.

  • Bo Abeille
  • Janelle Asselin
  • Hadar Aviram
  • Kathryn Briggs
  • CK Burch
  • Christa Couture
  • Jennifer Culp
  • Lucia Duncan
  • Ray Fawkes
  • Gibson Grand
  • William Henderson
  • Anna Graham Hunter
  • Jones
  • Jeana Jorgensen
  • Sarah Rose Sharp

This marks one of my first formal attempts at memoir, and I’m excited to share it with you. According to Mary Karr, divorce is one of the hardest subjects to attempt in memoir, so I jumped right in there. So, if you’re interested to learn more or pre-order, you can do so here… and if you’ve always been curious about the ins and outs of my personal matrimonial drama, it’ll be there for your reading pleasure!

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