February 3, 2017

Linda Drinkhorn @ The Keel

Award-winning mosaic artist Linda Drinkhorn views her art-making, which has included elements of oil and acrylic painting, wood and clay sculpting, and stained glass art, as a calling.

“If I am not working for awhile, I am just not the same person,” said Drinkhorn, “I am in my element when I am making art, even if it is sketching an idea or even just writing the idea down so I don’t forget it. I have been making something for as long as I can remember.”

Through her studies at Oakland Community College, Macomb Community College, Oakland University, and Center for Creative Studies (where she took classes with the late Nancy Prophit and Robert Maniscalsco), and many multimedia experiments, Drinkhorn discovered mosaic art as the medium for which she feels the most passion.

“I love to see the way that glass shines and reflects the light,” she said. “I love the old feel and look of china. I love a lot of stuff–the more stuff the better–so I enjoy the technique because of the varied ways I can use my material.” Drinkhorn’s materials include bits of conventional glass art supplies, like the colored glass used for stained glass windows, in an engaging mix with shattered china, bits of ceramic statuary, and porcelain jewelry.

“I think I love the hunt [for materials] as much as I love the creating,” she said. “I find materials everywhere–I have been seen even picking up broken glass from a parking lot.”

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