February 21, 2017

Jeff Cancelosi @ CultureSource

If you’ve spent any time whatsoever around the Detroit art scene in recent years, you’ve surely seen a ubiquitous figure with camera at nearly every opening. The man behind the lens, Jeff Cancelosi, is an artist himself, and since moving with his family to Metro Detroit roughly a decade ago, he’s made it his business to capture the people who make up this world.

“I love making portraits,” said Cancelosi in an email interview with CultureSource. “I love seeing art. I love talking about ideas and seeing different perspectives throughout the Detroit art scene. This whole art world gives me nothing but pleasure.”

Now it’s Cancelosi’s work on the walls at the College for Creative Studies’ Center Galleries Alumni & Faculty Hall, where a small selection—24—of his countless art world portraits are on display through March 4th in Jeff Cancelosi: Picturing Us.

“Editing down to 24 images was agonizing,” he remarks. “I tried to find some balance and offer a snapshot of the Detroit art scene.”

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A portrait of graffiti and street artist Sintex at Eastern Market. Image by Jeff Cancelosi.

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