Monthly Archives: May 2017

House Industries at the Henry Ford @ CultureSource

In our increasingly consumer-driven culture, making your product stand out is critical to a company’s bottom line. Billions of development dollars are spent every year in an effort to create recognizable brands, all of which would be logistically and aesthetically impossible without fonts, the most common form of visualized language […]

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“White and Black” by Mohammad Sabaaneh @ Hyperallergic

“I came to realize that we Palestinians have a duty to show ourselves in a realistic light,” writes Mohammad Sabaaneh in the preface of his collection of political cartoons, White and Black. “Not quite as ordinary people (because people who are able to live in the conditions of the life they face are […]

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Detroit/Puerto Rico Solidarity Exchange Network @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Contemporary vernacular has a way of turning specific terms into more general concepts (for example, “OCD” and “addict”), which can lead to the erasure of those who suffer from the traditional condition. “Colonizers” is one of those words. While its mainstream use — as a kind of shorthand for the […]

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