May 25, 2017

House Industries at the Henry Ford @ CultureSource

In our increasingly consumer-driven culture, making your product stand out is critical to a company’s bottom line. Billions of development dollars are spent every year in an effort to create recognizable brands, all of which would be logistically and aesthetically impossible without fonts, the most common form of visualized language in our digital age.

For people without a background in design, fonts—the variety of creative typefaces that appear everywhere from restaurant signage to the very words on the screen in front of you— are perhaps not given deep consideration. Yet for graphic designers and others who deal in the aesthetics of language and advertising, they are a point of obsession. For an excellent case study in the reasons why, one need look no further than House Industries: A Type of Learning, a brand new special exhibition at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, which opens on Saturday, May 27th.

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