July 19, 2017

Matthew Angelo Harrison @ Sculpture Magazine

So super excited that my review of Matthew Angelo Harrison’s solo debut at MOCAD for Sculpture Magazine has finally hit the stands. Available wherever Sculpture Mag is sold! It also appears to be the featured review on the web!!

The first order of business when entering Matthew Angelo Harrison’s “Detroit City/Detroit Affinities” was to identify what, precisely, was the art. The two freestanding 3D printers, titled The Consequence of Platforms? The oddly misshapen and sometimes incomplete heads 3D-printed in clay throughout the run of the show? The benches and display cases rendered in precision-cut clear acrylic, some intimately intertwined with zebra and wildebeest skulls? To hear Harrison tell it, the answer is any or all of these. “I think that, at this point in time, craft is less important,” he said during a talk at MOCAD. “The handcrafted object is changing so much that, when we go to a museum, we barely have an association with that end product. So, I kind of wanted to create a heightened sense of that, by having [the means of production] right in the space.”

…see the entire review in the print version of Jul/Aug’s Sculpture magazine

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