July 29, 2017

Cass Corridor: Connecting Times @ Simone DeSousa Gallery

Through Line to Q-Line – Cass Corridor: Connecting Times

“Detroit is a place of simultaneous truths, layers of social strata, unity and divisions. If you’re new to the area, you probably refer to the rapidly-developing commercial strip between Wayne State University and the Masonic Temple as “Midtown,” but anyone who has been here for more than a few years knows it to be the Cass Corridor.

Simone DeSousa Gallery has been situated in the Cass Corridor since 2008, and has chosen to celebrate its upcoming tenth anniversary with a selection of shows featuring Cass Corridor artists that connect to the history of its neighborhood, Cass Corridor: Connecting Times. The Cass Corridor Movement was the only major contemporary art movement to originate in Detroit; fueled in part by curator Sam Wagstaff’s brief but influential tenure at the Detroit Institute of Arts (1968-1971), a number of Cass Corridor artists broke out of the local scene and made careers on a national level. Droves of others remained in Detroit, and sustained lower-profile, but astonishingly lengthy careers as sculptors, painters, and assemblage artists—not to mention the writers and musicians that were integral to the art scene.”

Out now!

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