August 18, 2017

Mood Totems @ 2017 Jefferson-Chalmers Riverfront Arts Festival

This week, while you’re out at Riverfront Park in Jefferson-Chalmers, enjoying a spate of performances, workshops, and other programming associated with this year’s Riverfront Arts Festival, be sure to take a moment to track down four interactive sculptures I’ve installed, for your emotional needs.

According to parable, we all contain two tigers inside of us which are always at war with each other. One of them is a positive creature, representing things like kindness, courage, hope, and love. The other is negative, fueled by emotions like anger, greed, hatred and fear. One will win out, eventually, and our actions will subsequently be ruled from the seat of either positive or negative emotions.

The one that get stronger, of course, is the one you feed.

Emotion Totems were constructed as a temporary and interactive installation for the second annual Jefferson-Chalmers Riverfont Arts Festival, from August 19-26, 2017. They serve as the permanent fixture of the weeklong festival, amidst a host of other performance projects and programming over the course of the week.

The four Totems are constructed from found milk crates adorned with common materials, and each is equipped with an alter, at which visitors can leave offerings, or, if they dare, take pieces away. At the end of the week, we will see whether people have chosen to pay fealty to Love, Fear, Anger, or Hope.

You can see more images here.

So glad to join the company of some of my favorite artists, and many thanks to organizer Jaime Lutzo, for her inexhaustible energy on this budding festival! Come on out this weekend!

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