November 14, 2017

Andy Malone’s “Play Room” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — The opening night of Play Room, an exhibition of kinetic and interactive sculptures by Detroit-based artist Andy Malone, had a slightly different vibe than the usual white-cube affair. Visitors gathered around tables to lay hands on Malone’s creations, and the air was filled with the playful chatter of children.

That’s because Malone’s work largely takes the form of didactic games, which deliver conceptual ideas as a sneaky side effect of playing with them. Even the promotional postcard for his show, cleverly designed as a hanging door tag, presents information on one side, and a game on the other.

“I love making games because they connect people and provide a point of entry for deeper understanding,” said Malone, in an email interview. “I also enjoy the aesthetics of a beautifully designed game component and an eloquent set of rules.”

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