December 7, 2017

Ryan McGinness’s “Studio Views” at Cranbrook @ Culture Source

The journey from inspiration to artistic expression can be a winding path—or, in the case of Studio Views, the solo exhibition by New York-based graphic artist Ryan McGinness on view at Cranbrook Art Museum through March 18th, a literal maze. The wall of the main gallery is lined with large-scale canvases, but the rest of the space is occupied by a hedge maze constructed from the screens that McGinness used to create his layered screenprints.

“The exhibition is called Studio Views, and that’s exactly what we’re looking at,” said McGinness of the extremely colorful and graphic iconography in each piece that is his visual signature. “These are the floors, these are my actual tools in the studio. So it’s all a self-portrait.” The wooden floorboards seen throughout the show are a motif that makes its debut in these works.

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