December 15, 2017

In Conversation with Lauren LoGuidice @ Hyperallergic

Performer Lauren LoGuidice first became interested in the Yule log phenomenon while she was working from home as a freelancer.

“I was home, alone, on my computer for eight hours a day,” she said, in an email interview with Hyperallergic. “I felt so completely isolated. It was winter and the darkness made it worse. I scrolled through YouTube for something to beam on my TV and I saw a Yule log video. It was the traditional fireplace video, so I got bored quickly and moved onto the more festive ones with a full holiday display. Contrary to what I originally thought possible, these videos brought a cozy warmth to my home.”

This year, LoGuidice decided to take her interest in Yule log videos to new heights, creating “Yule Log With Friends”: a 2.5-hour video featuring a rotating cast of characters — all played by the artist — who offer their companionship to viewers, right alongside the cheerfully crackling fire. Intrigued by the notion of Yule log as a genre, I conducted an email interview with the artist about this work, which is available for viewing online, and will additionally be shown at High 5 Gallery in Philadelphia on January 5.

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