January 17, 2018

Self-Care Winter Guide @ Detroit Metro Times

Self-care has become a hot topic these days, evoking ideas of expensive bath bombs and boutique consumerism as a panacea for lives spent struggling against the ravages of late capitalism. But considered another way, self-care is about devoting time, space, and resources to aspects of daily life that contribute to one’s baseline health and wellbeing — physical, mental, and emotional. This might mean scheduling a regular massage, making a point of sleeping in on your day off, or getting a flu shot instead of just hoping to avoid the seasonal ick. During the winter months, self-care becomes even more vital, because the limited daylight and freezing temperatures are known to affect mood and immune health, leaving us vulnerable to illness and depression.

Luckily, a whole crop of up-and-comers in Detroit are making it easier than ever to centralize self-care, even with limited resources. In an effort to unfold some potential for a happier, gentler winter, we spoke with some of Detroit’s savviest ladies regarding healthy eating, accessible spa life, fitness regimens, and how to nurture the spirit.

Whether you want to explore these or other methods to beat the wintertime blues, remember that feeling good is not a frivolous goal, but actually a sign that you are doing right by yourself. Let these vanguards of the Detroit self-care scene show you the way, or blaze your own trail — just never forget, you deserve it.

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“The Lovers” from the Shrine of the Black Medusa tarot deck by Casey Rocheteau. Image courtesy of the artist.

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