January 19, 2018

OPENING FRIDAY, JANUARY 19: Matter Out of Place @ Detroit Artists Market

Just a reminder about this heckin’ cool group show in which I am so honored and excited to be a participant. I am showing some emerging work, a body of contemporary ledger art that seeks to reconcile accounts between art and life.

The show has been curated by the inimitable Andrew “Andy T” Thompson, and draws together a mighty cohort to confront issues surrounding our stuff.

Or, put more succinctly:

Matter Out of Place is a group exhibition of craft, fine art and design projects that explore the shifting meanings of decontextualized objects from industrial and cultural production. Preexisting objects, images and narratives are contested, critiqued and renewed via physical and metaphoric means of collage and assemblage. The work illuminates the importance of intentionality for both maker and viewer in the creation of the art experience.

Corrie Baldauf, Terrence Campagna, Michael Garguilo, Ayaka Hibino, Shabnam Hosseini, Toby Millman, Ellie Richards, Victoria Shaheen, Sarah Rose Sharp, Thing Thing

Denise Samuels (collage mandalas)

Opening: FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm – hope to see you there!

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