January 29, 2018

John M. Anderson Endowed Lecture Series Presenter @ PSU School of Visual Arts – Wednesday, January 31, 3:00 pm

At first I was just so incredibly flattered and astonished to be invited to PSU as a visiting lecturer, and to help curate the Spring undergrad show, by a cohort including and involving the wonderful Shannon Goff, and the utterly inimitable Sidney Mullis. As the time has drawn closer, I graduated to being extremely excited. And then last night, Sidney sent me the promo flyer, including the rest of the season’s line-up…so now I’m just terrified. Humbled and terrified. Look at this:

Oh, wow.

So, yeah, I’ll be in State College, PA this week, doing studio visits and working on the undergrad show, and giving this lecture on Wednesday. If you’re nearby, please consider attending, and sitting in the front and nodding in an encouraging way, and perhaps shouting out, “I think she’s got some really good ideas!” if there’s an appropriate break in the action. Or just not booing will be okay too.

I’m really excited to get to confab with y’all, PSU, and extremely focused on my top three goals of 1) making a great presentation worthy of my audience and my fellows, 2) putting together the best possible show, and 3) not accidentally referring to your school as University of Pennsylvania. WISH ME LUCK!

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