February 15, 2018

The Jury is Out: Winter Curatorial & Guest Juror Appointments

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that I’ve been writing a little less frequently than usual, and wondering what I’ve been up to, besides going to innumerable fun breakfasts with artists. First of all, that feels a little judgy, so you might want to look at that. But also, I’ve been guest juroring my brains out!

My first show, FAITH CAME LATER, is an exhibition of undergrad work at Penn State University, and opened on January 31st. I was so impressed with the students there, and so honored to be asked to come in to help put the exhibition together!

Just this week, I got to speak briefly at the opening for the 2018 AJSS Annual Juried Student Show at Eastern Michigan University, for which I was also invited to be a guest juror. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy getting to see students working out their ideas, and putting them together into collective presentations. There were some intense body-oriented works in this group, and I really enjoyed them.

Later on this month, The Snowden Exhibition (formerly the Silver Medal Show) will open at the Scarab Club, juried once again by yours truly. I am really excited to see how this body of work hangs together, and hope to see you there for the opening reception: Friday, February 23, 5-8 pm.

Thanks to everyone who invited me to jury, everyone who submitted, and all these great institutions for enabling me to see a huge cross section of exciting and adventurous new works of art. It’s been a nice break from my usual mode of nonstop writing, and always enlightening to get to engage with art and artists in a new way. Plus I like handing out prize money.

And remember, there’s not really winners or losers when it comes to shows – and shows come together around factors beyond individual works. So if you didn’t make it this time, take heart! Next year’s exhibitions will surely be jurored by someone who knows what the actual hell she’s doing.

Specific and heartfelt thanks to Shannon Goff, Sidney Mullis, Brian Dick, Christen Garcia-Sperry, and Graeme Sullivan at PSU, and congratulations to merit awardees Kristina Barr, Yining Dong, Elise Warfield, Leo Wang, and Haven Tucker, and 2018 Kara D. Berggren Award prizewinners Victoria Tayman and Dani Spewak.

Most sincere thanks to Jordan Wilshaw and Sara Varjabedian at EMU, as well as Sandra Murchison, Greg Tom, Morgan Barrie, and Chris Reilly, and congratulations to prizewinners Sasha Guo, Jordan Olivia, and Cassidy Moravy-Penchansky.

Thanks, of course, to Treena Flannery Ericson and the Scarab Club, and congrats to the yet-to-be-named winners of the Snowden Exhibition!

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