February 23, 2018

The Snowden Exhibition @ The Scarab Club – Opening Reception TONIGHT!!

It was a huge honor to be asked to guest-jury this year’s exhibition, especially in the first year it has been renamed to honor Gilda Snowden. We received so many wonderful submissions, and I am crazy in love with how the show turned out. I hope you will be, too!

The Snowden Exhibition
Reception | Friday, February 23 | 5-8 pm
Gallery Talk | Thursday, March 1 | 6 pm
The Snowden Exhibition (formerly called the Silver Medal Exhibition), is an annual unthemed, all-media exhibition, open to all artists. As an artist, teacher, mentor and friend, few people had as great an impact on our community as Gilda Snowden. After her death in 2014, the SC began presenting the top prize for the Silver Medal exhibition in her honor. Beginning in 2018 the exhibition is named for her.

The purpose of the Snowden Exhibition is to recognize the diversity and achievement of artists whose work shows creativity of concept, excellence of design and expertise of media; to display these works to regional audiences and to be an educational opportunity for students.

Participating Artists
Heather Accurso | Jim Aho | Morgan Barrie | Mark Beltchenko | Marcelyn Bennett-Carpenter | Hannah Burr | Lorenza Centi | Darice Cobb | Caroline DelGiudice | Molly Diana | David Doubley | Angela Eastman | Mary Fortuna | Liz Frankland | Ellie Gause | Lisa Goedert | Carole Harris | Margaret Hull | John Jasso | Kaylie Kaitschuck | Eric Kovacs | Kip Kowalski | Kirsten Lund | Loretta Markell | Patrick Mech | Janice Milhem | Robert Mirek | Sarah Nesbitt | Susan Okla | Jonathan Phillips | Kathyrose Pizzo | Simone Rosseau | Katrina Ruby | Christopher Schneider | Donna Shipman | Allen Tenbusschen | Larry Zdeb


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