February 28, 2018

Artist Talk Double-Header – WSU & Scarab Club – TOMORROW!

“Hey,” you are thinking, “Sarah Rose Sharp, I love to hear your thoughts connected to very cool art by other people, and also some of their words, too!” Well, well, have I got a fun day for you! Tomorrow – that’s Thursday, March 1st.

First, I will be over at Wayne State University from 4:00-5:45, facilitating an artist talk with the participants in the 2018 MFA Thesis Exhibition – which is excellent, if you don’t mind me spoiling the suspense.

Please join us to celebrate the work of current MFA candidates at Wayne State…
Judith Feist
Alison Grimm
Ryan Heberholz
Domenica Mediati
Kyle Sharkey
Jessica Wildman
Audrey Zofchak

And to hear what they have to say about their work. Or other things! Who knows what I will ask them? Let’s find out together!

“But Sarah,” you’re saying, “this event only goes from 4:00-6:00, and I cannot be at an art-related event until after 6:00, and/or I require at minimum three hours of gallery-related talking by you about the work of other artists.” NO PROBLEM. After taking a moment to catch my breath, I will be heading over to the Scarab Club, for a walk-and-talk through the freshly-opened 2018 Snowden Exhibition, which I had the great honor of jurying this year.

Talk starts at 6:00(ish) and will go perhaps an hour? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions, or just gushing incessantly about all the wonderful works that came together in this show. It’s a great opportunity to see it, if you haven’t yet, and of course get your fill of me making noise out my face.

If you want to hear EVEN MORE of me talking about art, there is probably something seriously wrong with you and you should get help. I got nothing for you.

Hope to see you tomorrow, here, there, or everywhere!

Why yes, those are me-themed stickers, if you’re wondering, and they are by the wonderful Nushrat Rahman.

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