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“The City Without Jews” @ Hyperallergic

In the black and white footage of a silent film, Austrian Jews are harassed in the public market, physically menaced by thugs in the street, and forced en masse from the country, on foot or by train. Orthodox men, distinguished by their prayer shawls, payot, and traditional dress, carry Torah scrolls. […]

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What Would Vader Do? – Star Wars art censorship @ Hyperallergic

In terms of cultivating a fanbase of rabidly devoted followers, it’s hard to say whether Christianity or Star Wars™ has the edge these days. But Christianity won a point for censorship this week, when outraged churchgoers compelled the removal of a £12,000 (~$16,700) sculpture by British artist Ryan Callanan from […]

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3/9/2018 – Root Chakra with Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe

Artist: Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe Location: The Fly Trap Breakfast: SRS – Crab cakes, side of toast (raspberry jam), Arnold Palmer SRS – Gingerbread waffle with apple and cherries, side of bacon, coffee (black) Is there anything more fun than having a first hang-out with someone, when both of you are […]

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Nene Humphrey at Leslie Heller Workspace @ Art in America IN PRINT!

Nene Humphrey became interested in the practice of Victorian mourning braiding—in which jewelry and keepsakes were made using the hair of departed loved ones—when coping with the death of her husband, artist Benny Andrews, in 2006. In the years since, she has developed a body of work based on the […]

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EXHIBITCHIN’ Group Show opens next Saturday, March 10 @ Public Pool

Super excited to be included in this group show curated by Alice V. Schneider and Dalia Reyes about the seekrit world of ladygirls. Each participating artist was asked to produce something that can be found in a girl’s bedroom. I will be debuting a new quilted work, “The Patchwork Woman” – […]

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Tension & Conflict at MAAT, Lisbon @ Hyperallergic

LISBON —  There is a massive survey of video art from the last 10 years at the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT). Titled Tensão & Conflito (Tension & Conflict), it focuses on the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath, and is challenging not only in its content, but in how it demands […]

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