March 3, 2018

EXHIBITCHIN’ Group Show opens next Saturday, March 10 @ Public Pool

Super excited to be included in this group show curated by Alice V. Schneider and Dalia Reyes about the seekrit world of ladygirls. Each participating artist was asked to produce something that can be found in a girl’s bedroom. I will be debuting a new quilted work, “The Patchwork Woman” – serving as the bedspread, and presenting a portrait of a lady through her t-shirts and some other things.

Public Pool
March 10 – April 21
Exhibitchin’ is a group show that explores bedroom culture, feminism, and the need for a safe haven and open dialogue for all. A quiet, but powerful, revolution against the fuckery that we face with our current politics. This exhibition gives an intimate look at the sacred refuge that is the bedroom, where carefully selected objects become the tools for our everyday routines. It is a safe space where we cultivate the people we are to become. This is an intimate look into how we choose to live in our own personal worlds. Exhibitchin’ opens March 10th and runs through April 21, curated by Alice V. Schneider and Dalia Reyes.

Opening Artists Reception March 10th from 7-11pm

Alyssa Ruthless
Andrea Morici
Andrea Gallegos
Audrey Zofchek
Dave Roberts
Elise Martin
Jackie Rines
Jane Orr
Francine Gotler
Ijania Cortez
Jessica Frelinghuysen
Kelly Kaatz
Leslie Cislo
Levon Kauffman
Lindy Shrewbridge
Nicole Lisperance
Sarah Rayburn
Sarah Rose Sharp
Shan Beaste
Shelby Essenmacher
wsg. Marianna Vermiglio

Gallery Hours every Saturday from 1-6pm, which includes special programming and a vintage clothing and accessories shop. Also, a Karaoke Slumber Party April 17th from 8pm-1am and the Good Tyme Writers Buffet is April 21st from 7-11pm.

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