May 7, 2018

Memphis Murals censored @ Hyperallergic


It seems the only thing more popular these days than leveraging the creative energy of mural artists to bring excitement, tourist trade, and visual interest to cityscapes is for cities to buff over the work of these artists with little provocation or explanation. On April 25, 12 artists being collectively represented by Eric M. Baum of New York City firm Eisenberg and Baum, filed a federal suit against the city of Memphis for painting over five artworks painted by the plaintiffs in January of 2018, as well as over the City’s threats, approved by the City Council, to paint over and destroy another three artworks. Plaintiffs are also represented by Memphis attorney Lucian T. Pera of Adams and Reese LLP.

The artworks were created based on authorization by the city for a program managed by a local nonprofit, Paint Memphis, Inc., which commissioned the artwork and selected the artists — plaintiffs Philip Binczyk, Zach Kremer, Beth Warmath, Chad Ruis, Jules Veros, Kathryn Crawford, Kiera Pies, Angel Montoya, Chase Kolanda, Jack Mears, Shane Boteler, and Meghan Gates.

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