May 15, 2018

Canadian Arts Jobs Study @ Hyperallergic

As most professionals in the arts sector know, love of the game can be one of the only benefits. As reported by the Canadian Art Foundation, a recent study performed by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage, dubbed the “2017 National Compensation Study – For Managerial and Administrative Positions in Not-for-Profit Arts Organizations” — which followed up on data last collected for a 2008 survey — revealed very little in the way of salary growth within Canada’s professional arts sector, and an attendant shrinking of benefits, especially retirement savings plans.

The study polls 426 organizations in the not-for-profit cultural sector in Canada, measured across 21 benchmarks, including wage increases, base salaries for top-tier executives, benefits, human resource priorities, and others. Results not only showed repressed growth in arts sector wages relative to the 2008 study, but found the arts lagging behind other sectors in terms of the compensation, long-term benefits, and subsequent retention of employees.

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