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The Unalienable Rights to a Farting Unicorn @ Hyperallergic

We must, each of us, choose our time to stand and fight. To gaze, unflinching, at the forces that threaten us and say, “Not today, Goliath.” For some, it is in defense of democracy and an American way of life that didn’t used to so closely resemble a science-fiction dystopia. […]

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Artist protest at Perdue Pharma @ Hyperallergic

You wouldn’t think that something as innocuous as a spoon could grow to take on gargantuan importance — unless, of course, you hold space in your life for someone who struggles with addiction. In that case, the presence of a spoon — specifically bent and burnt in a manner that […]

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“Colloquy of Mobiles 2018” at CCS @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Remember the last time you called Siri into action, and instantly large, Venus of Willendorf-like figures rotated gracefully around with graphic, black-and-white mobiles, attempting to win a dance by signaling them with flashlights? No? That’s because artist Gordon Pask’s 1968 vision, “The Colloquy of Mobiles,” did not turn […]

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Black Panther at the NMAAHC @ Hyperallergic

If you’re looking for a good excuse to shout “WAKANDA FOREVER!” this week, the National Museum of African American History and Culture announced its acquisition of a coterie of objects associated with the Black Panther movie, most importantly, the iconic costume worn by Chadwick Boseman in the role of Prince […]

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Griffin Residency and the Art of Materials @ Hyperallergic

Winsor & Newton has a long history of collaboration between science and art. The company was founded in 1832 by William Winsor, a scientist, and Henry Newton, an artist, who recognized the need for pigment makers to work in the service of the fine art sector. Winsor & Newton boasts […]

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IKEA Partners with Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun @ Hyperallergic

As of earlier this month, IKEA will no longer simply be the practical destination for those with an appetite for affordable Swedish household items (and meatballs!), or simply the best location for having a devastating public argument with one’s partner over couches. On June 7, Icelandic-Dutch artist Olafur Eliasson turned up at […]

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