June 24, 2018

Little Free Libraries Detroit

It was pretty unambiguous that I would like the Little Free Library movement — I love to read, I love books, I love direct action, I love miniatures. So an organization dedicated to placing 70,000 (and counting!) open-access library boxes in communities across 85 countries (to date!), that essentially began out of a guy’s (Todd Bol) discarded garage door…all of this is up my alley.

But Detroit has a very special LFL champion, and it is Detroit News staff writer Kim Kozlowski. Kim has taken up the cause of Little Free Libraries in Detroit, entirely on her own time, to organize the distribution of these boxes to individuals and organizations across the city. She works with a dedicated crew of volunteers, and a number of partner organizations, but her animating role in the library boxes you see dotting the neighborhoods cannot be overstated. Her work with Little Free Libraries is a remarkable expression of her devotion and affection for the city.

ANYWAY, enough schmaltzy stuff — mostly I just wanted to show off some fun pictures from the latest LFL giveaway. Scoring your own LFL is cool, all on its own, but it’s REALLY special if you get one of the ones that has been painstakingly customized by a local artist. I was lucky to land a Mary Fortuna original from the first batch of special artist-LFLs, and it broke my hecking heart to leave it behind when I moved — but I couldn’t take it away from the kids on my street, who had become accustomed to checking it for goodies all the time.

I thought I’d have to just face life without a LFL at the new place, but miracle of miracle, I received the double-blessing of getting to be the custodian of an artist original LFL from the second round art-box competition, this one courtesy of Rich Ayers. I already caught Jayvon from across the street grabbing some Goosebumps from it, so I have every confidence that it will be as much-loved as the last one.

Thanks Kim! Thanks Little Free Libraries! Thanks Rich! Thanks EVERYONE! Support this cause, if you can. Reading is fundamental, and ya can’t do it if you don’t have books! There might be one or two artist boxes left to place, if you’d like to contact Kim at:

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