August 13, 2018

Jova Lynne at Popps @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — The Travel Agent squints at her screen and asks what you’d like to do on your trip to Paradise. She offers few suggestions, but seems prepared to accommodate almost anything you can come up with. After each answer, she types busily into her computer — a teal iMac, a perfect parallel for the formerly omnipresent and now anachronistic role of a travel agent in current-day society.

This is one of three characters developed by interdisciplinary artist Jova Lynne, implemented in an ongoing body of work that dissects Caribbean island identity — both from the standpoint of distant fantasy, and from Lynne’s more personal connection to her family’s Jamaican roots. Likewise, the Travel Agent is both a generic archetype and a figure more personal to Lynne, whose mother was once employed as a travel agent in New York, where Lynne grew up.

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Booking a Trip to the Elusive Land Called Paradise

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