August 20, 2018

Aaron Fowler interview @ Hyperallergic

Artist Aaron Fowler manages to invoke a tricky tension in his interdisciplinary and immersive works. Fowler balances the oversize nature of emotion and human-scale drama with the intimacy of personal experience in densely layered pieces which he physically constructs in close quarters, before assembling them into large-scale finished presentations. He recently installed the connected exhibitions, Donkey Days at David Totah Gallery, and Donkey Nights at Salon 94, both of which deal, in different ways, with a constellation of concerns and points of inspiration in his life — particularly his interest in meditation and his efforts to negotiate a surprise case of potential paternity.

Fowler took some time out for a phone interview on “this donkey chapter of life” with Hyperallergic, during a break from work on the West Coast, where he is creating a 20-foot heart sculpture that will debut at Burning Man this year. Looking at the emotional attachments and sandy dunes playing across the space at David Totah, one can imagine no greater metaphor for Fowler’s current work than entering a surreal desert landscape with the biggest possible heart.

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How Meditation Has Inspired an Artist’s Vision

Image courtesy of David Totah Gallery

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