November 29, 2018

Women Don’t Rock, Do They? @ Hyperallergic

Last week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art drew a little side-eye over their forthcoming exhibition, Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll, a show dedicated to the iconic instruments of rock and roll — a beautiful and storied history that apparently includes no female participants besides St. Vincent. The exhibition is drawn from 70 private and public collections in the United States and the United Kingdom, all of which seem to lack any sort of gender diversity among their interests. This checks out because as we all know, our tiny hands prevent women from holding instruments correctly, and our inherently gentle natures render us incapable of either rocking or rolling. The Met likely considered making a special women-centered exhibition on the groupies of rock and roll outside the back door of Play It Loud, to celebrate the important contribution of women as sex objects and muses, but decided, in the end, it might pull focus from where it should remain: on men.

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Do Women Rock? The Met Overlooks Women’s Contributions to Rock and Roll

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