Monthly Archives: February 2019

“I Wonder” by Marian Bantjes @ Hyperallergic

The work of Marian Bantjes radiates a sense of the eclecticism that she has cultivated, professionally and personally, over the course of a varied career as a book typesetter, co-founder of Digitopolis graphic design studio, and as an independent designer/artist/letterer — for which she is internationally known. Released in 2010, […]

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Interview with the Mellins of @ Hyperallergic

Painter Haley Mellin and her brother, Joe Mellin, began thinking about environmental conservation at a young age. Their approach is rooted in their Bay Area upbringing: Their father, Bob, encouraged them to spend time outdoors and volunteer weekly to environmental causes, fostering a love of nature that has led the […]

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David Opdyke at UMIH Gallery @ Hyperallergic

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Nothing serves to complicate a person’s halcyon view of life in America like watching their hometown dissolve at the core from corporate disinvestment. This was the case for Schenectady, NY — abandoned as General Electric relocated to the neighboring Niskayuna, and ALCO exited entirely — and witnessing the […]

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Migrant Quilt Project @ Hyperallergic

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Skulls proliferate. Scraps of faded denim merge with handmade embroidery and store-bought Día de Muertos fabrics. Images of the Virgen de Guadalupe minister to innumerable names — hundreds, thousands — and an equally innumerable number of anonymous human remains, indicated as “unknown,” or by the analogue term in […]

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“Measures of Constriction” by Annica Cuppetelli @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — “I love the history of dress in relation to women’s roles in society and women’s rights,” fiber artist Annica Cuppetelli told me during a walk through her solo show, Measures of Constriction, at K. Oss Gallery. “It’s crazy to think about roles, and how dresses restricted us, or [activism] […]

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