March 11, 2019

Book Reviews: Dec-Feb and beyond!

A fun thing that’s been happening recently is that I’ve been given the opportunity to review more books, for Hyperallergic and other places! This is great for several reasons, mostly that I love books and love to read and cannot afford books for the most part, especially nice ones. So it’s cool that people send them to me now.

I have grappled with whether or not to post every book review individually here, and have decided the more efficient thing to do is post monthly wrap-ups that cover all my book reviews, and not just post the ones that I think are particularly outstanding. We’ll see how that goes.

For starters, here are my book reviews for the last three months:

December 2018:

We Ate the Acid 61)A3HT3TA3W” by Joe Roberts (2018, Anthology Editions):

An Artist Finds His Muse in a Hallucinogenic Drug

 Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color (2018, Nightboat):

A New Anthology Amplifies the Voices of Queer Poets of Color

January 2019:

An Unfinished Encyclopedia of Scale Figures without Architecture (2018, MIT Press)

Nerd Out with This Encyclopedia of Architects’ Scale Figures

February 2019:

The Tale of Genji: A Visual Companion (2018, Princeton University Press)

A Close Look at the Art of Genji

I Wonder by Marian Bantjes (2010, Monacelli Press)

Traveling Through Lush Typographic Jungles

Kickstarter’s Exquisite Objects cohort

Jaw-Dropping Books in the Making, from Illustrated Fairytales to Limited Edition Poetry

Check out these books, if books is your thing, and stay tuned for monthly updates on book reviews!

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