May 15, 2019

Archive as Action at CAC Cincinnati @ Hyperallergic

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Intermedia artist Lindsey Whittle introduces her artist statement for Archive as Action a three-woman show at Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati — with a recounting of the Hindu parable about three blind people who encounter an elephant. One grabs the tail and thinks it’s a snake; one lays hands on the leg and thinks it’s a tree; one handles the ear and thinks it’s a bird.

“Individually, these people don’t really understand what an elephant is,” Whittle writes, “but all together they are starting to get to the bottom of something.”

Whittle describes this story as a consistent foundation for her as an artist, and it certainly serves as an excellent metaphor for the show in three galleries that she shares with Amanda Curreri and Calcagno Cullen — all of whom are grasping the enormity of participatory art as a mechanism for societal impact from different and wildly colorful angles.

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