August 25, 2019

“Intercepted” at H-Space Gallery @ Cleveland Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Most people are collectors of one kind or another: instruments, tattoos, commemorative spoons, houseplants. With “Intercepted,” H-Space gallery presents a small collection of collectors, video artist Rachel Yurkovich and photographer-explorer Mike Majewski.

The two met while attending Cleveland Institute of Art, but they were brought together for the show by gallery founder and director Eli Gfell.

“I saw a common thread, in that they’re both sort of collecting moments, or these little instances,” said Gfell, who took a break during the installation of the show to chat. “Based on conversations that we’ve had, we all have similar collecting habits.”

Majewski’s work presents the most obvious collection, a series of nature photographs grounded by a table presenting the kind of informal natural sciences collection yielded by walks in the woods. This assortment hearkens to one’s inner wilderness scout — an egg, some feathers, a swath of tree bark, the head of a weathered fence post — in a loose constellation around a pocket notebook full of scratchy observations made by Majewski during his photo-walks.

These range from the cryptic — “forced admiration” — to the amateur poetic — “Just watching around me / the way the land stands still” — to the fully abstract, like a janky little drawing of a bee or a hole scratched through and filled from one page to the next.

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