September 4, 2019

Biennial 30 @ South Bend Museum of Art – reception Friday, Sept. 6!!

As you may or may not know, I love to jury shows, particularly those regional to the Midwest. It’s an amazing way to get to see a huge cross-section of artists that I might not otherwise encounter, and to try to create some kind of conversation amongst them. I had a real embarrassment of riches to choose from for the SBMA Biennial 30 – likely because it is an exceedingly good opportunity for artists to participate in a supported museum show. The show opened back in July, but the reception is this Friday, and in reviewing the install photos for jury awards, I have to say EXCUSE ME THE SHOW LOOKS AMAZING. Really astonished at the great work SBMA did to install a cohesive presentation from the eclectic and colorful bunch I handed them:

Here’s some beautiful shots to explore, if you can’t make it in person, but I suggest you do, because the work is stellar, and the energy in the space is positive and inspiring. I think perhaps we’re all feeling a little crisis-fatigued these days, and while it is of course the role of art to tackle social issues, it’s also important to bring beauty, self-expression, and hope into the world. I feel really joyful looking at this body of work all together – even as some of the individual themes are heavy or represent a struggle. I think the show is pretty fun and uplifting, and I hope you agree.

Congratulations to SBMA for a great show, all the artists, and just know that this was the most difficult awards pick I’ve ever done, because I LOVED ALL YOUR WORK and can’t imagine this show looking as great as it does without each and every one of you. Keep shining!

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