February 4, 2021

“Layers of Complexity” on Judith Schaechter @ Adobe Blog

Evidence of multimedia artist Judith Schaechter’s decades-long relationship with computer-assisted design tools might be hard to pinpoint.

Her stained-glass compositions are ornate, wildly imaginative, and intricately hand-detailed. Where the physical ends and the digital begins only adds to the dreamlike, ethereal quality of her work—an update to the old-world conventions of stained glass. Schaechter’s blend of this traditional art form with modern, contemporary themes and subjects recontextualizes both, part of a large and growing design trend Adobe Stock has termed “Austere Romanticism.”

For some artists, self-expression may manifest as a one-to-one act of self-portraiture, but for Schaechter, there is a desire to express the deeply personal by way of the universal.

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