March 16, 2023

Home is Art – on Oren Goldenberg @ Hyperallergic

Artists are fundamentally problem solvers. They are generally understood to be solving problems of a personal-expressive nature, or perhaps ones related to community, and occasionally political or environmental problems. They are not often considered the front line for solving, say, problems of city infrastructure. But maybe they should be.

If you’d asked Oren Goldenberg what he does ten years ago, he might have said “filmmaker” or “producer,” or he might have narrowed his eyes and asked: Who wants to know? These days, however, the answer is a little more complicated. At some point in the last decade, Goldenberg stopped making films as a document, and stepped through the frame to build the world-as-document. It isn’t the first time he’s been tempted to do so. Our School (2005-2009) is a feature-length documentary that seeks to reveal the experience of going to high school for one day, from dawn to nightfall, in his home city of Detroit.

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