March 31, 2023

Artist’s Signatures Special Edition – Scarab Club @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Art clubs were a popular phenomenon around the turn of the 20th century, cropping up in major cities across the US. Several, like the National Arts Club in New York (est. 1898) and the California Art Club in Los Angeles (est. 1909) are still in operation, some 100 years later. But the Scarab Club in Detroit (est. 1907) has something that no other art club has: a collection of art world signatures that spans nearly a century.

In its inception, the club was held at locations around the city, until an official “clubhouse” was formed in October 1928. Club members oversaw and executed all aspects of the building’s design, construction, and architectural and decorative elements — including assigning the role of head architect to Lancelot Sukert (1888–1966), who was chosen for the honor by the body of club member architects. It is unclear who had the original idea for the “guest book” — the sides and ceiling beams of the second-floor lounge where distinguished guests and important local and visiting artists have been invited to add their signature — although signature books and autograph collecting were common pastimes of the era.

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One Comment on “Artist’s Signatures Special Edition – Scarab Club @ Hyperallergic

Lois Teicher
April 1, 2023 at 5:53 pm

Signed beam in 2019, Lois Teicher Also my sculpture, 14 feet powder coated white, installed 23 years ago. The sculpture is adjacent to Scarab Club. I have survived so much sexism. A major piece and a Detroit Icon. I deserve recognition in my opinion.


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