April 13, 2023

All the Moments – on Stefany Anne Golberg @ Hyperallergic

Nothing really prepares one for the experience of entering the Huckleberry Explorer’s Club (HEC), a small museum in a duplex in Detroit’s burgeoning Core City neighborhood whose ground floor houses a general store full of secondhand oddities for sale at throwaway prices. The project is a collaboration between author and artist Stefany Anne Golberg and her husband, Morgan Meis, who met nearly two decades ago during college in New York City. But the concept of the Huckleberry Explorer’s Club is Golberg’s own and predates the physical location, or even the couple’s move to Detroit in late 2015.

“It began out of my longstanding habit collecting things that aren’t collectible, including experiences and photographs and in creating little writings, and also a sort of terror that I have of discarding things,” said Golberg on a tour of the museum with Hyperallergic.

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