April 28, 2023

Material/Inheritance Curator Interview @ Hyperallergic

Jewish continuity — that is, the relationship between older and younger generations of Jewish people — is always a concern within the community. The Jewish Museum of Maryland is tackling this discourse in partnership with the New Jewish Culture Fellowship (NJCF), currently presenting work byfellows and guest-curated by NJCF fellow, writer and curator Leora Fridman. Material/Inheritance: Contemporary Work by New Jewish Culture Fellows features 30 current and former NJCF artists, presenting a total of 49 works in the gallery, as well as a series of live performances during the opening, exhibition run, and closing weekend on June 11.

“Central to the Jewish Museum of Maryland’s mission is a call to imagine better futures,” the museum’s Executive Director Sol Davis told Hyperallergic. “Jewish artists play a crucial role in that project, both as creative people critically reflecting on the world today, and as ‘inheritors of theprophetic tradition,’ as my collaborator Maia Ipp put it in her essay, “Kaddish for an Unborn Jewish Avant-Garde.”

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Valerie Parks
April 29, 2023 at 2:43 pm

Interesting read. Thank you, Rosie. xo


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