May 5, 2023

A Scar is a Connection – On Sophie Eisner @ Hyperallergic

Truth is a largely subjective and challenging aspect of human existence, especially in these politically divisive times. Physical objects present a shared reality and an external point of reference, to which we can relate (though not always agree). Consider the artist Sophie Eisner, who creates an armature for the kinds of connections that are usually intangible.

Sometimes Eisner’s work looks like dramatic sculptures comprised entirely of coil-welded steel. These vessels might become instruments, activated through performance. She also enjoys casting common objects — tubs, sinks, funnels, and blocks — into some of her favorite materials, like silicon and concrete, manipulating them into abstract echoes of their former functions. Other times, she draws other people interacting with these forms, playing silicon tubs like a row of drums or hanging silicon sheets over their heads.

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