Unpaid and Unsolicited Promotion of Something Awesome

Interviewed @ Detroit Cultural #2 – Summer 2019

Honored to be in this heavy-hitting lineup of interviewees for the Summer issue of Detroit Cultural: ISSUE 002_SPRING 2019 out June 14, 2019…“What are the social and political responsibilities of artistic, curatorial, and critical practice?”..Featuring interviews with:@aaronkfoley@scotthockingdetroit@lauramottcurator@youngglobal@michaelstonerichards@mobilehomesteader

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Top 20 of 2017 @ Hyperallergic

Chuffed as always to have some of my selections included in this year’s Top 20 Exhibitions Across the United States at Hyperallergic! I saw some really amazing shows this year, and it’s great to get an opportunity to call out the good work being done in the Midwest. Congrats to […]

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Top 15 USA 2016 @ Hyperallergic

The greatest honor and privilege as an arts writer is being afforded the opportunity to lift up creative talent and the people who work long, hard, and tirelessly to bring new, risky, and important forms of expression to life. A few of my picks made this list, and they are […]

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Apply Yourself!

Today I’d like to remind you about a couple things you artist-types out there can and should be applying for, and also talk for a minute about learning to withstand rejection. First off, here’s a reminder about Signal-Return‘s Poster Competition. The deadline to enter is approaching. I am one of […]

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“The Hamster” internet release TODAY!

It is paradoxical to think so, but conspiracy theories are actually fairly reassuring. They suggest that the bad things that happen are in some way organized and someone is directly responsible for them. Perhaps bad people are in charge, but at least someone is at the wheel. Likewise, for all […]

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Change something with Casey Rocheteau

It is time for one of my rare Unpaid and Unsolicited Promotions of Something Awesome. This is a special category I reserve for outstanding effort on the part of sometimes-unsung heroes who are being the change they want to see in this sometimes-motherfucker of a world. Casey Rocheteau is one […]

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