Alison Wong

Color-Aid at Wasserman Projects @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Color-themed exhibitions often indicate a sense of slapdash or uninspired curatorial practice, which is why it was surprising to hear that Wasserman Projects was mounting Color-Aid for its summer program. Director Alison Wong, an artist in her own right, has never been known to phone it in, so the […]

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“Homemade Ice Cream” at Wasserman Projects @ Hyperallergic

For artist Jason Yates, mounting a solo show in Detroit is a homecoming of sorts. Fitting, then, that Homemade Ice Cream, a series of large-scale, interrelated, interdisciplinary sculptures, creates a life-sized playhouse of disturbing, funny, and monochrome domestic scenes. “It’s nothing if not kind of a weird retrospective of all […]

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After Industry at Wasserman Projects @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — It is fitting that After Industry, a three-person show at Wasserman Projects concerned with the relationship between man and nature, came together, in the words of gallery director Alison Wong, “organically.” Yet the synthesis of three masters of divergent media — Italian sculptor Willy Verginer, Norwegian painter Christer Karlstad, […]

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New players on the scene! Read all about it @ Knight Arts Blog

Expansion, diversity and cultural exchanges with other cities are all hallmarks of a thriving art scene. With new arts infrastructure falling into place and a roster of fresh players emerging on the landscape, Detroit is making great strides toward all three. One indication that perceptions about Detroit’s potential as an […]

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