art as activism

Interview with Billy Bragg @ Detroit Metro Times

U.K. musician Billy Bragg is widely known for his long career in music and activism, which includes a blend of grassroots forms, such as punk rock, folk music, protest music, and heritage traditions. In addition to a recent tour with Joe Henry in support of their collaborative album, Shine a […]

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“Beware of the Dandelions” @ Art in America

In Detroit, just north of where the I-94 freeway cuts across Van Dyke Street, neatly separating several up-and-coming eastside neighborhoods from a stretch of no-man’s-land that remains determinedly godforsaken, a message is scrawled across the side of a dilapidated garage: “they tried to bury us but they didn’t know we’re […]

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“The Radicalization Process” @ Knight Arts blog

Above: “The Radicalization Process” crescendos into a rally. All photos by Alverno Presents/Kat Schleicher Photography, courtesy of The Hinterlands. It would be impossible to boil down the astonishing complexity of “The Radicalization Process”–a new work by experimental theater ensemble The Hinterlands, made possible with support from Knight and other organizations–down […]

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4/20/2016 – Unhappy History, Happy Memories with Michelle Andonian

Artist: Michelle Andonian Location: Her live/work space Breakfast: MA & SRS – Coffee (black), cheese/parsley quiche, pomegranate/strawberry/tangerine fruit salad with crumbled chocolate (!!!) As I happily wend my way deeper into Detroit’s rich and longstanding arts ecosystem, I am discovering some rare creatures, indeed. Michelle Andonian is Detroit to the […]

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