Cedric Tai

MOCAMoon @ Hyperallergic

Can we make art that transcends petty terrestrial concerns? The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon (MOCAM) has drawn together a diverse group of contemporary artists (including myself) to create work for a speculative museum that might one day exist on the moon. MOCAM was conceived in 2016 by […]

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12/27/15 & 12/31/15 – Circuits Activated with Cedric Tai

Artist: Cedric Tai Location: Bottom Line Coffee House/my studio Breakfast: CT – Coffee with cream (?)/soda water SRS – Coffee (black), cherry empanada/coffee This conversation with Cedric played out over two days–first, an hours-long conversation at a coffee shop, followed by a studio visit at my place, where Cedric got […]

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Holiday Round-Up: Double Negative, Coyote rehoming, drive-by Tai, signs of our times

The December holidays are always a tricky time of year for me. I’m not much of a Christmas person, so usually I find myself vaguely annoyed that business-as-usual shuts down for three weeks while everyone murders trees and buys lots of crap for each other. However, it’s also been a […]

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“Over Over Over” & the Glasgow Exchange @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — How do you start a relationship between two cities? Like most relationships, you’re going to need to introduce the participants. In one respect, Over Over Over, which brought five Glasgow-based artists to Detroit, could be seen as that first introduction. In reality, the show, guest curated by artist […]

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