Chelsea Cain

9/15/15 – Death and the Lady

Artist: Chelsea Cain Location: Jam on Hawthorne, Portland, OR Breakfast: CC – Coffee (black), grapefruit juice, tofu scramble, side of fresh spinach SRS – Coffee (black), bacon scramble, biscuit & jam (raspberry), potato hash Well, I’m a little (a lot) in awe of Chelsea Cain. That her mystery stories are […]

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Hoard 1:12 // TRIGGER WARNING – spiders

Is there anything greater than a friend who really gets you (and likes you anyway)? There is not. One such friend of mine happens to be esteemed person, accomplished mystery/thriller novelist, and NYT Bestseller Chelsea Cain. I know, right? Don’t be jelly. Chelsea and I connect on a number of issues, but none so […]

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