Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly’s “Body Clock” at CAVE Gallery @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Like most Millennials, digital artist Chris Reilly almost compulsively consults a device that never leaves his side. So accustomed are we to the omnipresence of smartphones, though, that it might take a discerning eye to notice Reilly isn’t checking one. He’s looking at a digital meter that keeps […]

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Chris Reilly’s “Intimate Instruments” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — When was the last time you enjoyed a shared vibrational experience? Spend a little time around Detroit-based artist and educator Chris Reilly and you will likely get the opportunity, in one of his Intimate Instrument Workshops, which offer participants a unique interpersonal art activity. I attended a workshop […]

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“Intimate Instruments” at Spread Art @ Knight Arts blog

How do you experience intimacy? Is it something you can get better at with practice? Artist and Eastern Michigan University professor Chris Reilly would like you to consider your relationship with intimacy, and to this end, facilitates workshops that invite participants to assemble and play an instrument of his own […]

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