College for Creative Studies

“Colloquy of Mobiles 2018” at CCS @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Remember the last time you called Siri into action, and instantly large, Venus of Willendorf-like figures rotated gracefully around with graphic, black-and-white mobiles, attempting to win a dance by signaling them with flashlights? No? That’s because artist Gordon Pask’s 1968 vision, “The Colloquy of Mobiles,” did not turn […]

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Manal Shoukair’s “Elevate” @ Hyperallergic

DETROIT — Inside an abandoned church, a membrane stretches dreamily across the space, forming a false horizon within the four walls. The scrim is fleshy, dancer-grade mesh in a neutral color, and it was installed in the space by interdisciplinary artist Manal Shoukair, with the help of her friends, as […]

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