2/29/2016 – Ride ‘Em, Artboys

Artist: Alexander Buzzalini & John Charnota Location: Little Tree Sushi & Butter Projects Breakfast (Dinner, okay? Dinner): AB/JC/SRS – Beer/Tea (x2), miso soup (x3), fried gyoza, whitetail nigiri, avacado roll, spicy tuna roll, hamachi roll During the off-season at BUTTER Projects — the experimental Royal Oak gallery space managed by […]

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8/26/15 – Alexander Buzzalini has Feelings, Loves Cowboys

Artist: Alexander Buzzalini Location: Public Pool Breakfast: AB – Half a can of Stroh’s SRS – Water (no ice) Alex did not have half a can of Stroh’s for breakfast, okay? This BWTA took place around 11:00 at night. But listen, I cannot deprive you of this gem of a […]

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